Are You Ready to improve sideline behavior for your club, league or association?

Become a SIDELINE PROJECT LEADER and facilitate an organization-wide program to start improving your sidelines today!

  • Give Complimentary Course Access - All parents receive complimentary access to take The Sideline Project 15-minute course.
  • Use Gamification for Motivation - Track participation by club or team on a leaderboard to encourage participation.
  • Show a Dedicated Pledge Wall - Have an organization-only virtual pledge wall to see the names participants.
  • Make it Measurable - Do a Pre- and Post-Program Survey to parents, coaches, and even referees.
  • Provide Coach Education - Coaches receive access to an engaging training video to support the program.
  • Track Participation - Receive regular reports that tell you who has complete the course and their club or team affiliation.

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frequently asked questions

We want to do this! How do we get started?

Fill out the contact form above and we will reach out to set up call or Zoom. From there, we will develop a plan to onboard your club or organization and get you started in as soon as a week!

Is this for clubs or leagues or State Associations?

This program can be run by any youth soccer organization. If you have parents and want to improve sideline behavior - then we you can be a Sideline Project leader and facilitate a program!

How do parents register?

We create a special registration page for your organization and you provide access to your parents by sharing the page link. When parents register for the course, they receive access to course and will have the ability to log back in to finish it at a later time.

How does the gamification work?

Groups compete to see who can have the largest completion percentage. If you are a club - your teams can compete against one another. If you are a league, clubs can compete against one another. We will work with you to develop the best groups.

Do we have to use the gamification capabilities?

No, the gamification is not required. If you don't have gamification, the pledge wall alone will demonstrate who has taken the course.

Can more than one parent of a player take the course?

Sure - the course access is provided to user accounts that are set up with email addresses as user names. If parents have different emails, they can each take the course.

What does the Coach Education entail?

Getting coaches on board is important. The coach education is a video for coaches that explains the program, the benefits, and teaches the coaches about the 3 types of sideline behavior so they can align with parents to improve the sidelines.

How should we promote this with our club?

Send emails, push out on social media, put announcements in your various communications to parents. We will even create a page you can iframe onto your website to quickly direct parents to register for the course. You'll also have access to a press release and field signage you can purchase at a discount.

What is the cost?

- Program costs for a league are $400/club + $1500 set up fee. (minimum 6 clubs).
- Program costs for a club are $5000 (up to 20 teams).
- 20+ teams or clubs? We will provide a quote.

Questions about pricing for your organization? Fill out the contact form and we can discuss!


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